Single Ply EPDM

Our flat roofing system is only fitted by our employees who are fully trained and certified by the manufacturer. Prodek’s Roofing System give exceptional longevity and durability for all domestic Commercial roofing.

For more than 50 years building owners, architects and construction engineers have been searching for a superior roofing system for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings, that has exceptionally good elasticity and weather resistance. Our roofing systems can be used on every type of flat roof structure even on a pitch up to vertical. They are suitable for warm roofs, cold roofs, uninsulated structures, inverted roofs, duo-roofs, green roofs and as an overlay to existing roof systems.

Prodek’s membrane System can be used to encapsulate and waterproof the entire structure –from a roof, to walls and even underground as a structural waterproofing system. From the day you make the first enquiry to the completion of your PRODEK roofing system, we will give you a first class service. We pride ourselves on quality control and customer service.

We have a unique, fleece-backed hot air welded membranes. The membranes are ideal for fully adhering or mechanical attachment to any suitable substrate and is fire retardant. The installation is unaffected by climate conditions allowing us to install throughout the summer and winter months. All joints and details are permanently welded giving superior strength to those areas of your roof where conventional flat roofing materials would be susceptible to breaking down. The membranes are a single layer installation with no complicated layers, it does not require resins and bitumen thus making it unlike other waterproofing products.