Seagull and Pigeon Deterrent Gel

Our Seagull and Pigeon Deterrent Gel scares away Seagulls and Pigeons with ultra violet light – does not harm the birds in any way.

Seagull Deterrent

Bird Free Fire Gel

Pigeon Deterrent

  • Discreet, but extremely effective
  • Works on long standing nesting sites
  • Can be applied to steep & vertical surfaces
  • Effective for 3 < 6 years
  • Works between -40ºC and +70ºC

Call Prodek today if you have a seagull problem, pigeon problem or difficulties with other nesting birds.

How does this Seagull & Pigeon Deterrent work?

Our UV gel when viewed by a seagull or pigeon looks like fire, and their natural instincts scare them away from the potential perch.