Rubber Flooring Tiles

Granuflex rubber flooring tiles suitable for outdoor walkways, roofs and balconies.

High quality, EcoStamped tiling for normal use.

Sizes are 500mm x 500mm and 1000mm x 1000mm.

Please note: Carbon Black may come off these tiles and be transferred on the soles of your feet. Care should be taken when entering a property from any area covered in these tiles.

    ImageRubber Flooring Tile
    Ecostamped Tiling
    Roofing, Balcony and walkway Rubber Tiling

    Rubber Flooring Tile Application

    • Gallery floors
    • Walkways on the roof to protect roofing
    • Roof terraces (frequency of use / point lower load)

    Rubber Flooring Tile Features

    • Quick to install, mutually connecting Granuflex┬« rubber adhesive
    • Moisture permeable, bottom with studs structure
    • Weather Resistance
    • Anti-slip, even when wet surface

    Recent Rubber Flooring Tile Projects in Essex and Torbay