Liquid System on a Trawler
November 15, 2021

Project Description

Project – Trawler in Dartmouth

Material – Liquid Non Slip Walkway

Project Brief 

Fully exposed to the external elements, the surfaces of this trawler boat located in Dartmouth had become extremely worn over a short period of time. This posed an imminent health and safety issue onboard as the weathered surfaces had become dangerous to walk on in wet conditions. We installed our non slip liquid waterproof walkway to provide a durable and weatherproof surface for the workforce to walk on. Our liquid roofing and waterproofing systems have a rapid wet-on-wet application and is capable of dealing with the most complex of roof details, available in a multitude of colours. The great thing about liquid waterproofing is that it can be applied to almost any substrate or existing membrane on a roof or other application.

This has provided a safer, and more secure area to work on onboard, whilst providing a longer term, durable solution that is needed to contend with the external elements that the trawler boat is constantly exposed to.