Single Ply EPDM, Shoreditch

Project - Boxpark, Shoreditch Material - Single Ply EPDM Project Brief  A set of offices in the popular area of Boxpark, Shoreditch required a brand new roof. Boxpark has become a hub of activity in Shoreditch, with their iconic structure of built up containers with a roof laid on top. This unique project was enjoyed... Single Ply EPDM, Shoreditch

Wanstead EPDM

Project - Wanstead Material - Single Ply EPDM Project Brief  This property in Wanstead was experiencing many internal leaks in the property which were caused by the roof. Roof leaks are usually part of a much larger problem. The longer it is left the more damage it could be doing to your home, internally. With... Wanstead EPDM

Curved Green Roof, Totnes

Project - Curved Green Roof, Totnes Material - Single Ply EPDM Project Brief  Situated in Staverton, Totnes, we were delighted to be part of this eco, green living roof installation. This was a newly installed curved roof with a single EPDM system with a fully adhered, waterproof membrane that would be ready for a green... Curved Green Roof, Totnes