Balcony Systems

Our Balcony System can be used for Waterproofing and Surfacing of Balconies, Walkways and Terraces.


Based on advanced polymer chemistry, our waterproof balcony system delivers an exceptional finish.

Using the Triflex system, we are able to apply as a cold liquid to many different surfaces including walkways, balconies and terraces. Available in a range of colours and textures, we can ensure your new balcony surface is an attractive, functional addition to any property.

The Balcony System is exceptionally fast curing and compatibility with virtually all substrates including asphalt, Triflex systems allow the waterproofing and surfacing of public areas to be carried out with minimal disruption and impact on users.

Anti-skid surface for high traffic areas

Surfacing and waterproofing of stairs and stairwells

Surfacing and waterproofing of areas over occupied premises

Fast curing

Cold Liquid applied