The weather and flat roofing

If you have a flat roof at your property, there is a chance it's covered with mineral felt. Living in England,  the weather is pretty unpredictable - although, recently it's been pretty easy to predict more rain! When the weather gets bad and a storm hits, we can get away from it, waiting inside until... Read MoreThe weather and flat roofing

Moor to Sea – Life in Devon

Living in Dartmouth and working across Devon - we get to see the best parts of the area. From Sunny Shaldon to Deepest Dartmoor, our job sees us travelling across the county. When we are up on the roof doing flat roofing or out resurfacing a balcony, we get some great views... We also resurface... Read MoreMoor to Sea – Life in Devon

Request a free sample

We offer a free sample of our flat roofing product. If you need a new flat roof, you may have started the search for the right company. First, you may look for recommendations and testimonials, you may look for companies local to your area... What next? We offer a free sample of the product we... Read MoreRequest a free sample