As one of the South West of England leading, award-winning, roofing contractors, Prodek LTD is the Southern region’s trusted roofing specialist. With over 20 years’ experience and located in Devon, we are experts in the design and installation of all types of roofing and waterproofing systems for both domestic and commercial properties; providing only the best in service, quality and workmanship.
Standing Seam Single Ply Roofing

Standing Seam Single Ply Roofing

A single ply solution with the appearance of traditional metal standing seam roof Our Charcoal or light grey standing seam single ply roof detail provide the specifier with a cost... Read MoreStanding Seam Single Ply Roofing

Charcoal Grey Single Ply

Charcoal Grey Single Ply

The Charcoal Grey Single Ply (Renolit-Alkorplan) range consists of thermoplastic PVC-P roofing membranes. These have been used throughout the world for almost 45 years in the synthetic waterproofing of industrial... Read MoreCharcoal Grey Single Ply

Liquid Roofing Systems

Prodek’s liquid roofing and waterproofing systems are a single pack...

Balcony Systems

Based on advanced polymer chemistry, our waterproof balcony system delivers...

Gutter And Gulley Lining

Many properties have gulleys and gutters traditionally they were covered...

Recent Projects

Wanstead EPDM

This property in Wanstead was experiencing many internal leaks in the property which were caused by the roof. Roof leaks are usually part of a much larger problem. The longer it is left the more damage it could be doing to your home, internally.

Shoreditch, Boxpark

A set of offices in the popular area of Boxpark, Shoreditch required a brand new roof. Boxpark has become a hub of activity in Shoreditch, with their iconic structure of built up containers with a roof laid on top. This unique project was enjoyed by our South East team.

Totnes, Green Roof

Situated in Staverton, Totnes, we were delighted to be part of this eco, green living roof installation. This was a newly installed curved roof with a single EPDM system with a fully adhered, waterproof membrane that would be ready for a green living roof to be installed onto the top of it. The curved roof added an additional quirk to the installation, but one that’s not unusual for Prodek.

Ashbury Manor Hotel (1200 x 800 px) (1500 x 800 px) (3)
Ashbury Manor Hotel (1200 x 800 px) (1500 x 800 px) (2)
Ashbury Manor Hotel (1200 x 800 px) (1500 x 800 px) (1)
Fully Certified (3)